Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wouldn't You Like to Have a Shorter Day at School?

Wouldn’t you like to have a shorter day at school? Well I would love to improve school by having a shorter time in school. One reason that would be a good idea is because a lot of people have things to do at home. Another reason is so we can have time to be with our friends. The last reason is because we get tired having a long day of school.

Do you have things to do sometimes? When I get home from school I always have to do chores. Having eight hours of school really takes up too much time. That’s a reason I would want the school day shorter. You would also have places to go for example the dentist. Sometimes school gets in the way of that. When we get home, we also have to do our homework. If we have a shorter time in school, we would have more time to do our homework.

We have a long day of school. This means you would probably be tired. If we have a shorter day at school, we would have time to sleep when we got home. So if we have time to go to sleep, we would be ready for school the next day. We have enough work at school so we need to get some rest. There are just too many hours of school.

I would love to spend more time with my friends. I know every one does. If school were shorter, we would be able to spend time with our friends. We would go to some fun places like the movies. That would be pretty cool to go to the movies with your friends after school. We would go to the mall. That’s another place my friends and I hang out at. The park is also a fun place to be with your friends. But school is just too long to do all those things.

Now you know why I would want school to be shorter. We have things to do at home. We get tired of school. Last but not least so we can hang out with our friends. Can you imagine if we had a shorter time in school? Everything would be different. That’s how I would improve school.

By R. G., a middle school student

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