Thursday, March 22, 2007

I do not believe on turning off the T.V. because it will help us with life.

I do not believe on turning off the T.V. because it will help us with life. T.V. is the best because what if we want to know what’s happening to our country, T.V. is the answer. People need T.V. because T.V. helps us with our life, and the T.V. needs us.

Although I agree with this idea, I still won’t like it because T.V. and videogames is all I do. To go outside but turning off the T.V. will be hard for me because sometimes I need to watch my gospel channel on Sunday. And there won’t be any because the T.V. is off and when there’s no school now and what I will do. T.V. is like a 1,000,000 million dollar for me because you’ll be rich in watching T.V.

If we don’t watch TV for weeks that will be a very bad thing because what if a tornado or a hurricane is coming now how would we know most people do not have radios so most people will probably lose there lives because the T.V. was off. Most people shop on television instead of driving to the store and buying it like what most people use to shop will be bad for them.

Not watching TV for a week will also be cool because you could get to know your family better and have family meetings and talk about school and how your day was. So not watching TV is probably a great idea. For most of us we know are families really well and have family meetings at the time at suppertime so some of us won’t agree.

I still won agree because with kids are so called teens would be boring playing outside all day and probable get sick from the sun. Most people swimming and catch pneumonia and get real sick and die because the TV was off for a week. TV is every person's best friend because you watch TV for news and cartoon. When Bush is giving speeches and elections, all kinds of stuff like that are important to us. So it’s your decision TV watch or not. I’m not forcing you to watch it so good luck.

By: J.M. a middle school student

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