Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One challenge that I faced was moving to Florida.

Everyone has faced a challenge in their lives. It could be joining a sports team, first time in high school, or coming to this country. One challenge that I faced was moving to Florida. This was a challenge because I had to make new friends, get used to the new school, and find a new house.
Moving from California to Florida was hard because I had to make new friends. Kids were different here, and I didn’t know what they liked and what they did for fun. Then I met some kid who was playing football, and he asked me if I wanted to play. After that I had no trouble making new friends.
Getting used to my new school was not very hard. When I came to Florida and went to school, kids were behind, so I already learned the things they were just learning.
Finding a place to live was another challenge. My family drove around for days trying to find a house, but there were only apartments or hotels available. We finally found a house and had enough money to buy it. After that life was easier.
I have overcome the three challenges that I faced: making new friends, getting used to school, and finding a place to live. This was a good experience/lesson I will remember.

By E.S., a middle school student

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