Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My school needs these improvements.

Manatee Middle School needs a lot of improvements! Some areas that we need improvement in are school hygiene, working together, and fund raisers.

First, school hygiene. Most of the time when I go to the school bathroom, it is gross! Someone should be in there and clean it more often. The lunch tables sometimes still have food from the last person who ate there. When I was walking with my friends in the hall, I stepped on gum! That’s also why the hall should stay clean.

Second, we need more working together! We students need more activities, so we can work together. One thing we can gain from that is social skills. The more students that have social skills the less students are shy.

Third, fund raisers would be a great idea. Personally I think the students at Manatee MS would have fun with this. Probably and hopefully students at my school will join. All of us working together would be great!

Manatee Middle School needs a lot of improvements like school hygiene, working together, and some fund raisers. I could just picture all MMS students working together, can’t you?

By C.G., a middle school student

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