Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Everyone has something they enjoy doing.

Everyone has something they enjoy doing. My favorite activity that I not only like to do but also like to watch is soccer. The game really brings out something in you and makes you want to play. The excitement of watching the game as they pass the ball and the thrill of when they kick it to the goal and miss it by an inch just makes you jump out of your seat. But I like it because it is fun, it is good exercise, it teaches you a valuable lesson in life, and it is very thrilling to watch with family. I’d be fine if soccer was the only sport in the world!

I like soccer because when you just sit and watch, you don’t know what is going to happen unless you know the team’s ability. My absolute favorite soccer team is the F.C Barcelona. That team has one of the best players in the world, Ronaldihno, Eto, Messi, Rafa Marques, and many others. We enjoy watching them trick the other players when they make them think they are going to pass the ball but actually keep it to themselves but at a distance. And when they kick it behind their back and make it go forward with his feet, we just find that completely amazing. They and his jaw dropping moves could make anyone enjoy soccer.

Another reason why I love this sport is because it is fun. When you play outside with your friends, you want to play the best you can because you want to win. So then that means picking the best players that you can. Of course I always get picked because this game has been in the family for about 3 generations. My father played soccer for a team until he graduated college, my grandfather played soccer as well, and so did my great-grandfather. But since I am my daddy’s only little girl, he passed it on to me. This sport involves a lot of running and getting into shape and that is what I’m trying to do because I really enjoy this game, and if I want to play it to my full potential, I need the body to do that. You run a lot which gets you into shape, but also you are just having fun with your friends not thinking about anything else but “ how am I going to make that goal”, or “ who should I pass it the ball to”, and it just builds up excitement in you.

This game also brings you together because all of the players that I mentioned come from many different places in the world. You learn to get along and work with one another and you forget about the racial differences. I also love this game because when you are playing, you learn things like team-work or just how to basically control the ball. You need to know the tricks your opponent will throw at you so you can catch them with no problem. Team work is something very important in life because you can’t do everything by yourself. Many times when you want to make the goal yourself, your friends or whoever you might be playing with calls you a ball hog, or they might think your selfish, but maybe your so caught up on the game, you don’t realize what your doing! That has happened to me many times but, as they say, “There’s no I in TEAM”.

So to sum it all up, I love this sport because it is thrilling, it is fun, it is good exercise and it makes you learn a valuable lesson in life. If you’re actually really into it, you might get somewhere in life with this game.

By I. S., a middle school student

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