Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In life there are many firsts.

In life there are many firsts. Some things people remember vividly; others people completely forget. One of my firsts is my first day of middle school. I didn’t know what to expect; I couldn’t decide what to wear, and I felt out of place.

In elementary school I was at the top of the chain. Being a big, bad fifth grader was what I lived for. Man, did I think I was cool. But that’s only natural considering the fact that I was surrounded by younger kids. Even thought I was very nervous, I was thrilled to finally be going to middle school. I had no clue what to expect; no idea what I was in for. Were people going to be mean to me? Was I going to be bullied? Maybe I’ll fit in with the big kids . . .? Clueless and shaking with excitement, I took my first step on the campus.

The night before my big day had been spent picking something to wear. I hate making big decisions because I’m so darn indecisive. I don’t know anyone besides myself that would spend 4 hours picking an outfit. It seemed so important to be wearing the perfect outfit to make the perfect impression. Now I look back on it and feel silly, but then it was important. As I stepped on to that campus wearing carefully chosen white flip flops, a red flowered shirt with little bows at the end, and a flouncey red skirt, I felt ready to take on the world. My face bore no makeup, but my hair was neatly shaped and combed. I was ready.

When I got there I felt out of place. Everyone was running around with their friends, hugging old buddies, screaming, and they knew where they were going and what to do. They were all really tall, too. I was barely 4 ft. 11 in. and I felt short. Not knowing what to do I sat down and observed everyone around me. Soon my friends got there and we went to the gym to get our schedules.

Eventually I found my classes (after getting lost) and my teachers seemed nice. I had lots of classes with my friends and it was good. I loved middle school. My day was great and I had so much to tell my parents. Now I can’t wait to go to high school, but this time I won’t be nervous. High school, here I come!

By M.W., a middle school student

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