Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The person whom I respect the most is my step dad.

The person who I respect the most is my step dad. He is caring, always well organized, and he is funny. If you were to meet him, you would truly understand why I respect him so much.

My dad is truly the most caring person I’ve ever met. I have a little sister and brother, and he is always sure to put us first. Also no matter what we do or how much trouble we get in, we always know that he will never leave. He not only is he caring he is well organized.

My dad is always organized with everything, it’s almost like he has a chip in his brain. He always knows where everything is and what to do about things. Also, it’s like he can read my mind; he always knows how I’m feeling. Another one of the reasons I respect him so much is how funny he is.

My step dad has a way of always making things better, For example, when my sister broke her ankle he made jokes like, “They are going to cut your foot off, or what’s that smell.” She laughed the whole time. He can make anything seem like a happy time.

So if you had a step dad as great as mine, wouldn’t you respect him? I don’t always show respect to him but I truly do on the inside.

By C.T. a middle school student

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