Thursday, March 29, 2007

My challenge is moving.

My challenge is moving. When I moved from California, I had to deal with a lot of things like a new school. You might have experienced this; you might be like me when I moved to my new school. I had to deal with classes and teachers when I was supposed to be in the 8th grade hallway I ended up in the 6th then I walked into the gym when I was looking for the lunch room. Another thing was leaving my close friends behind. I didn’t know anybody so I always stayed quiet or walked quickly to my next class.

Another thing is new people to meet. At my old school if people didn’t know you, they would ask you “ay mija or girl what is your name, and I would tell them my name, and we would just talk about things. When I would see them in the hallway, I would say, “Hey, what it do.” Even if they didn’t know you, they still showed you respect. Now people talk about you like crazy, “Hey, have you seen the new girl?” or “Oh my gosh were is she from?” and “Eww, I don’t like her!”

Another problem is a new neighborhood not every body acts sunny side up. Not every one is going to like me. I understand that, but you don’t have to be a snob about it. Hello, welcome to the real world. Another thing is a new home I mean who wants to wake up and walk into the closet when your looking for the bathroom. Aghhh, that’s annoying. Well now you know what happens in the real world, and that’s why I hate moving.

By I. T., a middle school student

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