Thursday, March 8, 2007

Can you ride a bike?

Can you ride a bike? So can I! I learned when I was about 5 years old. This all started on my 5th birthday. I was sitting at a table on the lanai at my aunt’s and uncle’s house. I was just about to blow out the candles on my cake when suddenly my Dad came out riding a little blue Mongoose. I completely forgot about my cake and went out in the backyard and hopped on my brand new bike. I thought I was cool because it didn’t have training wheels. As soon as I hopped on and took the first pedal, I dropped to the ground and broke my wrist. So I went to the hospital and got a cast. Six weeks later I got my brand new Mongoose and hopped on again. This time I actually had help. My family and I went out to my aunt’s and uncle’s house. Once again I tried to learn how to ride that bike. The keyword is “tried.” I fell and fell and fell and fell. Finally I got just the right balance and rode like the wind. All that work and frustration paid off though. Every day I ride my bike all over the place, to my friend’s house, to the movies, to the park, anywhere.

By Z.S., a middle school student

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