Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I believe in my Mom because she took care of me for 13 years by herself.

I believe in my Mom because she took care of me for 13 years by herself. She takes me to my friend’s house when I ask her to. She takes me to the mall. She lets me go on the boat with my uncle and my aunt.

I believe in my grandma because she helps my mom and the rest of my family. She lets my mom do what she wants such as lets her buy tickets for vacation and other stuff. She owns my house. She bought my house for my mom.

I believe in my uncle because he buys me stuff I want such as a motorcycle, a new bike and new computer. He also brought me on his boat Monday he let me drive it too.
He is like a dad to me. He is better then my dad in my opinion.

By J. T., a middle school student

This I believe ...

I believe in God. From my first breath I took to my last, I believe God will be there for me. I have been raised in a good Christian home trying to go to church every Sunday. I have been taught that God loves his children. Even if you are one million years old you are considered god’s child. I can’t member when I asked god to come into my life, but I know what it means. I believe that every move I make and every breathe I take, he’ll be watching me.

I’m going to tell about a few of millions of times God has helped me out. He will help you out; all you have to do is ask him to come into your life.

Before I had even consider breathing on my own, God was in attendance when I was in my mom’s uteruses; he developed me and made sure that I would be normal when I came out. I am blessed that I came out alright, that nothing bad happened to me. I never thought about it till now, millions of babies come out with something wrong with them, not being able to breathe on their own to having eleven toes. I am thankful for coming out ok. This isn’t the only time God has preformed a miracle on me.

Another event in my life that God was there for me was, when I was about five years old, my family and I went to the zoo. We were there all day, walking around looking at all the different types of animals and shows they had. We were just leaving a show and were about to leave the zoo. There was a trail that lead to the parking lo, and we passed by some more animals and things. There were at least two hundred people walking on the trail. Going to and from the zoo. I made a choice without thinking that could have changed my life forever. I decided to start running. I was weaving in and out of people; I didn’t realize the danger I could have been in. There could have been sick people out there trying to abduct little kids, just waiting for them to come into their hands. I am thankful for my dad catching up to me and slowed me down. I never thought about what could have happened to me until much later. I am thankful I had God watching me and having a speedy dad. This is another time God was there for me.

I really haven’t taken the time to thank God for everything he has given me or what he has done for me. I should appreciate the things he has done.

I believe that God has developed me into a loving, caring, and respectful person. I also give credit to my parents for that too. I haven’t realized how much he has done for my loved ones and me. He has provided me with a loving, caring family , who would take one million bullets for me, he has also provided me with people that helped me so much in my life by guiding me, giving me someone to talk to about anything, making me feel good about my self, they do things that my parents do. They are wonderful people, and I thank god for giving me them. All this good stuff that happens to me can happen to you. All you have to do is ask God to come into your life, and he will do good things and help you when help is needed.

I believe in helping someone who hasn’t accepted God to come into their lives. It doesn’t take long and it will be the best thing you have ever done. All you have to do is close your eyes and ask god to come into your life and forgive you from you sins. That’s another thing; I believe that God will wash your sins away because he sent his son Jesus to die on the Cross for you and for me. He will wash your sins away; all you have to do is ask.

That is why I Believe in God.

By S. G., a high school student

I believe in the inner strength.

Only so little people know this about me, but about 12 years ago my father had passed away from a car accident and slowly suffered. This car accident had made him loose so many things and privileges away from him. This was a life changing experience for me, my mom, and my older brother. Although I can’t say I developed any beliefs from it. I am actually confused about everything. But this essay is not about my father’s death, but about my mom.

I believe in the inner strength. It was my mom, Elaine Hoffman, who really had the hardest time when my father was slowly suffering away from the accident. For the first year he was gone, my mother had never given up her strength. Every day from the moment she woke up from the moment she would sleep, she would take care of a 11 month old and a 2 year old, and that is a lot of work. During the day she would change millions of diapers and feed us food, she had to bring us everywhere she went because she had no one else in her life. She was a mom with two babies and a house all alone by herself.

“My dad would have loved to see me grow up these past years and feel me in his arms”, my mom would always repeat to me, but unfortunately he can only look over me. I never really appreciated what my mom has done for me until this day, and I am very thankful I have a mother like her. My mom stayed strong and believed we would make it through, me, my older brother, and her. After all her believing, we made it through. My mom has helped me grow without a father and did a heck of a job.

Today Elaine Hoffman is doing well and still taking care of me and my brother plus a new father and new siblings to come along. She still raises me as good as she did when my dad had died. My mom had met my new loving step father at my age of 1 and was very happy. He brought along now my brothers and sisters, Bret, Lance, Chad, and Ashley. This is the best dad and only dad I really know and love. He is wonderful to me and my mom. I love him and I am very happy my mom has made it through and found another man. I believe inner strength emerges when times are desperate. I believe people sometimes refuse to give up, and they help others no matter the personal cost. My mom proved that to me and I will always remember that.

By N. H., a middle school student

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some good choices determine if you are a good person or a bad person. Not a lot of people make good choices.

Some good choices determine if you are a good person or a bad person. Not a lot of people make good choices. There are a lot of people on planet earth that make choices that get them in trouble. And there are a lot of people that do not get into a lot of trouble for making a good choice. Here are reasons why people make good and bad choices. Read more to find out how good and bad choices are made.
A good choice in school is to help other people. By helping somebody with their work or homework. But only if the person helping get’s permission from the teacher. Everybody has a bucket of choices whether or not to do what ever they want.

I have made a lot of bad choices in my time of life right now even though some are not good but I have learned my lesson. I have been in this place (in school suspension) too many times. My father asked me if I wanted to graduate from school, and I told him “yes”. He replied by saying from the choices I made, I might not even make it into college.

I have made a bad choice by destroying someone else yearbook. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would to fix up all of my mistakes. I have also made a lot of good choices like to try to be good like a good girl in school for at least until the end of the school year. I have been so good that I got to go on a field trip to the Golden Gate pool. On the bus on our way to the pool we had so much fun that everyone on the bus was rocking the bus from side to side that it almost tipped over. And everybody on the bus got yelled at. Making a good choice get’s you almost everything you want if you think about it.

Now you know how to make a good or bad choice. Remember that making a good choice can get you what ever you may want in life sometimes and that a bad choice can get you in some no-good places.

By D. H., a middle school student

Choices are sometimes difficult, sometimes they are easy.

Choices are sometimes difficult, sometimes they are easy. Choices help us choose good things and bad things. But all choices have consequences bad ones and good ones. I’ll explain what a bad choices is and what a good choices is. And I’ll explain what type of consequences there are.

A bad choice is if you chose to kidnap someone for money. Or if you kill someone just for fun or you felt like killing them. Another bad choice is rob someone or rob a bank. Bad choices are when someone gets hurt because of your choices.

A good choice is if you behave in school, do your class work, and finish your homework. Or if you share your lunch with someone who didn’t get lunch. Good choices are when you feel good about what you did.

By T. C., a middle school student

What are choices? Choices are actions in which people get involved.

What are choices? Choices are actions in which people get involved. There may be numerous of choices somebody could have. Others may hardly have any choices or no other choice at all. Choices are a measure of things you do or achieve or fail to do. Choices may lead to consequences or to triumph. Here are some examples in which you use choices to settle a situation.

At school, at home or pretty much everywhere, we use choices to deal with conflicts that may lead to some serious consequences. We use them when we need to decide what is right or wrong. If you get in trouble at school, it is because of your actions, or in another words, you‘re choices. Do bad choices make you a bad person? Well, it really depends in what condition you are in. Did someone force you to it? Or if you did it because you wanted to do it?

By J. C., a middle school student

Life isn’t preset, there are thousands, if not millions, of decisions you can make in your life time.

Life isn’t preset, there are thousands, if not millions, of decisions you can make in your life time. Some will be wrong decisions, but hopefully most will be good decisions. Why we make those decisions is affected by multiple factors. It could be a feeling that you have inside, your intuition, or it could be an outside factor that persuaded you to make that decision, a person, a thing, or maybe even a worst case scenario. These and many other things can affect a persons decisions in life, but what really matters is if they let that persuading factor affect their judgment.

If a person makes a bad if not horrible decision in their life, does that make them a bad person? No, of course not, a bad decision should not be used to judge a person on whether or not they are bad. People make bad decisions in life, everybody does. Now if they realized what they did was the wrong thing to do and they are compelled to felling guilty by their own will then they shouldn’t be forever judged by that poor decision. Although, if they made that poor decision and are ether joyous that they did, or feel that they want to make additional poor decisions in their life span, they should be exposed as the twisted person they really are and ether given mental or physical help or simply be punished.

By C. B., a middle school student