Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We have rules all over. Rules can protect us from danger.

We have rules all over. Rules can protect us from danger. Rules can help us if we follow them right like driving with our belts on and driving at the right speed. But if we break these rules, we could get hurt and even lose our life. Some other ways we could get hurt while driving could be DUI (driving under influence) or driving while drinking. That’s one of the reasons people get pulled over by cops.

Rules are also to be followed especially in school. Rules in school are the first thing you learned when you get there. Breaking the rules in school grounds can get you in a lot of trouble. One of the main reasons kids in school get in trouble is when they don’t listen to a teacher or someone that works in school campus. That’s how I got to E.A (enhanced assist). This program helps us understand rules and how to follow them.

Rules are also in public places such as the mall, Wal-mart, the movie theater and places like that. When you go to one of this public places, you have to follow several rules. Some of the rules that you have to follow are no 5 finger discount. Which is nooooo stealing. If you break that rule, you could get arrested, or you might just have to pay for the item you took.

Following rules in school, out of school, or public places can help you and can help to stay out of trouble. So you should follow the rules. If the rules are posted, follow them. If they are not, still do what’s right. Don’t break a rule that can get you in trouble or might get you in trouble with the law.

By A. C., a middle school student

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