Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First, rules that I can react to so that I stay out of trouble are for example do as I am told to do.

First, rules that I can react to so that I stay out of trouble are for example do as I am told to do. So don’t talk back, stay on task, and more. Also why do we need rules? Well, we need rules for many reasons like for instance we need rules so we can have a safer world like one rule, don’t go on red is a good rule I think because it prevents accidents from happening. We should also have rules for many other reasons also.

Secondly, rules are all around us where ever we go no matter were we go they are right there!! And the way that I react to the rules depends on the rule or how I feel about it. Also most of the time I am very good on following the rules. But it doesn’t matter how I feel about it or if I think other wise about the rule no matter what I still have to accept the rule and apply it. Some ways that I react to rules are like for example so times I react mad, confused, disagree, agree, and much more. Another thing is that even if rules are not right in front of us or are not on a sigh or posted on the wall THE RULES ARE STILL THERE!!!!

Thirdly, rules are to be followed no matter what. Expressly in a place like ENHANCED ASSIST…because if you don’t you will not like it... also for example the rule don’t talk, don’t sleep, don’t slouch, don’t, and much more. I suggest that you follow these rules. Also rules aren’t that bad to follow if you chose to, but it’s all up to you to follow them or to not follow them...

Also, rules are in some other places like the mall or on the roads , in school or even in your own home… and some rules you have no choice but to follow them like the don’t steal, don’t litter, don’t speed, don’t talk back to your parents, clean your room, don’t run in the hall way , and more. All of these rules are a great structure for our society...

Lastly, we have to keep in mind that there is a consensus for each and every rule like if you steal or speed you will get a ticket or go to jail. And if you don’t clean your room or talk back to your parents, you’ll most likely get grounded or something. The same for littering if you litter, you will get a fine for it. Well, I think that I have said enough on what I think about rules or what I have to say about them!

By M. V., a middle school student

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