Friday, May 25, 2007

Every human is faced with choices some are good and some are bad.

Choices is defined by the Webster’s Dictionary as the act of choosing or the power or opportunity of choosing. Every human is faced with choices some are good and some are bad. I am confident that we our judged on the choices we have made. If we made a superior choice and someone sees what you done, they will think you’re such an amazing person, but if you made an awful choice and someone saw it, they think you are a dreadful person and want nothing to do with you. So I think we are judged by the choices we have made.

There are many different theories that state, bad choices make you a bad person and that good choices make you a good person, I personally think that if you made a bad choice, you either didn’t think about it before you committed it or you were just going alone with the throng of people. I really do believe that if you made a bad choice, it doesn’t mean you are an evil person. And what if you made a good choice, it doesn’t represent that you are a good person. All the serial killers made good choices in the life but they also have problems and committed crimes are disturbed people. So if you have made good choices, I don’t think you are always a good person. I think it is how you were raised to determine if you are a good or bad person not the choices you made.

Some people think we are defined by our choices, because if you hade made a ridiculous choice, I don’t think that’s who you really are and you shouldn’t be defined by that choice. It could have been the environment around you or the people you hang out with that made you make that choice, but I don’t think it defines who you really are. So I don’t think that choices really define who a person really is.

I suppose that choices are made by our brain. You may have made a choice without thinking what is going to happen after you did it. I am absolutely confident that I will grow and make better choices by choosing better people to hang out with and not being in the spot to make a bad choice and have to get a punishment for it.

The first step to making better choices is to recognize when I am faced with a bad choice is to think about what would happen to me if I made the choice also to think about what my consequence would be. I think we can think about the choice before doing it. If I would have thought about my choices, I have made, I would have never been in trouble. I wish I could go back and think before I act. Choices can be controlled and are important to control before you get into trouble.

I also think that if you made a bad choice, you will be faced with a bad consequence. For example, if your best friend tells you a secret about someone else and the next time you witness that person you don’t think about your choice and notify that person what your friend thought about them, that person will be angry at you and that person. So that’s an example of how bad choices will result in bad consequences.

If you make a good choice, I think the consequence will be excellent. Another example of that is if you chose to aid an elderly women cross the road, she will reward you with a buck or two. So if you make good choices, good things will happen to you.
To close, I have realized that bad choices can be prevented by thinking before you make the choice. I also found out if you make a bad choice, there will be a bad consequence for it. Choices come from you brain, and you have to eliminate the dreadful ones and produce high-quality ones. That is a major key to a successful life.

By a high school student

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