Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I believe in the inner strength.

Only so little people know this about me, but about 12 years ago my father had passed away from a car accident and slowly suffered. This car accident had made him loose so many things and privileges away from him. This was a life changing experience for me, my mom, and my older brother. Although I can’t say I developed any beliefs from it. I am actually confused about everything. But this essay is not about my father’s death, but about my mom.

I believe in the inner strength. It was my mom, Elaine Hoffman, who really had the hardest time when my father was slowly suffering away from the accident. For the first year he was gone, my mother had never given up her strength. Every day from the moment she woke up from the moment she would sleep, she would take care of a 11 month old and a 2 year old, and that is a lot of work. During the day she would change millions of diapers and feed us food, she had to bring us everywhere she went because she had no one else in her life. She was a mom with two babies and a house all alone by herself.

“My dad would have loved to see me grow up these past years and feel me in his arms”, my mom would always repeat to me, but unfortunately he can only look over me. I never really appreciated what my mom has done for me until this day, and I am very thankful I have a mother like her. My mom stayed strong and believed we would make it through, me, my older brother, and her. After all her believing, we made it through. My mom has helped me grow without a father and did a heck of a job.

Today Elaine Hoffman is doing well and still taking care of me and my brother plus a new father and new siblings to come along. She still raises me as good as she did when my dad had died. My mom had met my new loving step father at my age of 1 and was very happy. He brought along now my brothers and sisters, Bret, Lance, Chad, and Ashley. This is the best dad and only dad I really know and love. He is wonderful to me and my mom. I love him and I am very happy my mom has made it through and found another man. I believe inner strength emerges when times are desperate. I believe people sometimes refuse to give up, and they help others no matter the personal cost. My mom proved that to me and I will always remember that.

By N. H., a middle school student

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