Monday, May 7, 2007

When I go fishing for bone fish,I will go on a flats boat.

When I go fishing for bone fish,I will go on a flats boat. The time that I leave is about five o’clock in the morning. When we leave the house, my uncle and I well get gas at the dock. They have gas in a little pump so we will get about 22 gallons so it will hold us when we go to the Keys. When we get out to our honey hole, we get our poles ready to fish. We start fishing for bone fish ten minutes. Later, I get one on when I got them up to the boat my uncle got the net, and he got it into the boat. The bone fish was 20 inches long that was the first fish of the day. So there wasn’t that many bone fish so we went fishing for snook in shore but we were still on the boat just not as far out. So we changed our poles for snook. As soon as I dropped my jig into the water a 34 inch snook hit my jig. So it was about time to head home so my uncle and I reeled in our poles, and we were off. When we got to the dock, we unpacked our stuff, and we went home. So let me talk a little bit about bone fish. Bone fish are a hard fighting fish. The world record on bone fish is 35 inches. Se the biggest bone fish I every caught is 24 inches. It took me 20 mints to get it in. and the main kind of boat that you should use is a flats boat with a 250 Mercury engine that is what you need. We'll see you next time.

By K. M., a middle school student

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