Tuesday, May 22, 2007

But if we boys do same thing that the girls do we probably get, EA, ISS, or OSS.

Are boys treated differently from girls in middle school or elementary school? I think that boys are treated differently from girls because in certain occasions teachers let the girls slide, but when the boys get in trouble the teachers send us to discipline or sometimes call the deputy to come and get us. When girls get in trouble, they sometimes just get their parents called or just get lunch detention. But if we boys do same thing that the girls do we probably get, EA, ISS, or OSS. Onetime a girl said a bad word to the principal and she got was 2 days of lunch detention. When I was in 7 grade, I said dammm to my self and I got 3 days of OSS. So as you can see girls are treated differently from boys in and out of school.

The most punishment a girl ever gets is probably 2 days of ISS. Most of the guys usually get EA, or OSS. Some even get kicked out of school. Even out of school boys are treated different from girls. My friend he was at the mall and a girl threw gum at the guy who was working at MacDonald’s and people saw that she threw it, but my friend was the one who more in trouble for not telling them who threw the gum. So as you can see we get treated different from girls. Most of the girl police or teachers or principals are always taking the girls’ side. Even my own mom takes my sister’s side more than she takes mine. She thinks I’m the one who does everything wrong around the house. I tried to tell her that I didn’t do it but my sister tells her that I do it, and she believes her every word my sister tells her.

So now you know guys get treated different from girls in and out of school. I tried to stay out of trouble, but I just can’t do it. And if I try to stay out of trouble, some one or some how I get in trouble. Girls are trusted more than guys. If tell my mom I want to use her credit card, she would tell me that she would go with me and buy what ever I want . But if my sister asked for the card, my mom would give her the card and tell her buy what ever you need.

So now you know why we get treated differently than girls. They get more privileges and they get more help in everything in and out of school.

By A. C., a middle school student

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