Thursday, May 3, 2007

Today do you think kids are too self-absorbed? Well I do.

Today do you think kids are too self-absorbed? Well I do. They think that they can get whatever they want when the want it. This is a big problem. Parents, teachers, and you need to help find a solution.

The first reason why I think this is because some kids today think that they can do anything they want and get anything that they want. COME ON! If you are one of these kids, I really think you need a reality check because it’s not always going to be this way.

The second reason is because a lot of kids have very wealthy parents, and they think, “My parents have plenty of money, they will never run out.” And something like, “Oh, it’s just a $100,000 car it's not that much, my parents will pay for that”. Well, who will pay the rest of it off when you get out of your mom and dad’s house and you are out on your own?

The third reason why I think kids are too self-centered is because my older sister is one of those people that is so into herself that she don’t even think about others half as much as she does herself. She thinks the sun rises and sets on her, and she needs to realize that it most definitely does not. She gets every thing that she wants. She has a new Lexis, she has so many clothes, shoes and so many purses that you could not even count. It makes me sick to see her get all of this new stuff, because I know that she will not let me touch any of it. This shows me a lesson not to be self-centered.

I personally think that kids need to wake up and smell the coffee, because one day their parents are not going to be there for then much longer. One day every kid is going to move out of there parents’ house. What happens then? Who will pay for the car that your mom and dad did not pay off? Things are going to be a lot different when you get older, you need to realize that. That is what I think about kids being too self-centered.

By M. B., a middle school student

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