Friday, May 18, 2007

There are many difficulties in parenting a kid. What challenges would you face if I had a child like you?


There are many difficulties in parenting a kid. What challenges would you face if I had a child like you? What rules would you put down? What rewards would you give your kids, and what kind of privileges would you allow them to have.


First I would make a curfew that depended all on age. It would start when he gets in middle school. When he is 13, he can be up and out till 10:00, when 14 10:45, when 15 11:30, when he or she is 16 there curfew would be 12:15. I would not ground my child, but I would give him something to cry about. I would be a dad that understands my son, and I will relate with him when he gets in trouble. I can understand him having to keep his respect and the respect for his family when he gets in fights. But then I would give him a firm talking to saying you don’t want to end up like in a stupid military school.


I would reward him for acting grown up or etc. with things like you get to stay up later or you get to own something like a gun or a go cart as long as know I can trust him and know he will act age with it. I would make sure he will have rewards and more privileges as he gets older automatically. but most of all I would let him be him so however he wants to dress or act is his choice.

Being cool but responsible parent

I would be the coolest dad. I will make sure he has a cool dad that will do stuff with him and let him run around with his friends. I will understand when he starts wanting to do stuff by himself and his friends when he hits that certain age. I will do stuff with him like throw the football, and go hunting or fishing whatever he is into. I would let him make his own decisions.

In conclusion

I would be a cool dad and let him make his own decisions. Give him older rules and let him have what ever friends he wants to have unless there involved in gangs or drugs because I have seen what they can do and I wouldn’t want to him to end up like some of my friends that were involved in gangs and drugs. I would hope I make the right decisions and privileges so in the end he will be a rich, happy, successful, and intelligent young man.

By M. L., a middle school student

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