Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If a girl is in the hallway wandering around and a teacher walks past and does not say anything, what does that show?

Boys are treated differently than girls. If a girl is in the hallway wandering around and a teacher walks past and does not say anything, what does that show? Now if a man was walking in the hallway and walks past a teacher, the teacher would most likely say, “excuse me young man may I please see your hallway pass”? What more is there to tell that is discrimination right there as it is. What about if a girl is chewing gum? What is a male teacher going to do? Most likely say spit it out and in my school go run a lap. Now in my school this happens all the time, if a young male was chewing gum, they would say spit it out and go sit on a square. When you sit on a square, it is because you are kicked out of your class room. When you sit on a square, you wait for a teacher to come exercise you and/or bring you back in the classroom.

What bothers me the most is what doesn’t happen to the women of our school. If there is a disruption, they may tell them they lose a point which is something that if you lose too many you have lunch detention on a square. But more so on the occasion they may just give them a warning. If the guys in my school are good, they rarely get awarded for it. I go to a military based school so they may get covers and shevers to a higher rank and all. If the girls are good, they get to walk around with the captain of our school, they are promoted more and more, they also get ice cream or something.

Do you think that the boys are encouraged as much as the girls to show better behavior? I do not think that boys are at least an inch away from being treated the same. I think that the girls are more encouraged by the teachers and everyone else. Think about it this way. What is to happen if a cop pulls over a woman? Well all the women has to do is get a little flirty and then all she gets is a warning some of the time. Now if an officer was to pull over a guy and the guy got a little flirty I don’t think the officer would like that as much or even a little. I think he may just be arrested, I am kidding, but the guys are punished harsher.

Girls are also trusted more than guys with anything. If I was to tell my teacher a girl was chewing gum and talking to Johnnie another student, she would say just go sit down and mind your own business. If a girl was to walk up to a teacher and just plain lied and said that I was talking, she would say go outside and sit on a square and sit on a square until a teacher is out there to see you. Now that wasn’t that hard for a girl to get me in trouble, but it was impossible to get her in trouble. She did not even ask her to please wait or anything she sent me outside without any clue what I was even doing.

By J. G., a middle school student

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