Thursday, March 8, 2007

There have been so many challenges throughout my young teenage life...

There have been so many challenges throughout my young teenage life, but there was one challenge in particular that was very difficult, ballet! This was a hard situation, but I love ballet. It took me years to overcome this challenge, and there was an excellent outcome to this.

I loved ballet ever since I was two. I use to love to dance (I still do!). My mom one day decided to sign me up for ballet class. I was four years old. Picture me eager and also the anticipation was killing me! But as I stepped into the gym with my mother I never would have guessed what was ahead of me.

Secondly, it took me years to overcome this challenge as I learned more and more in ballet. I realized that it was a lot of hard work. One position that I absolutely hated was the tippy toe (as some may say). My ballet teacher use to make us do that over and over again. After a day of doing the "tippy toe," my toes would be all bruised up. My favorite position was the famous plie. As a young girl, I loved doing "animal exercise." that is when she yells out an animal and you act it out.

The outcome of four years in ballet was amazing. Now I can mix Hip-hop with ballet. Also I can stand on my "tippy toe" for more than a minute. Ballet taught me to be free and let the music take control of me.

Hence the challenges have been so rough throughout my young life, but ballet was the most challenging. Ballet took me years to overcome and there was a great outcome to my four years in ballet. I never gave up no matter how much my body ached. You should never give up either because you don't want to end up the rest of your life wondering!

By C. G., a middle school student

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