Friday, March 30, 2007

I would like to be an inspiring actress, model, and singer.

Everyone has an idea of what they’d like to be when they grow up. I know what career I’d like. I would like to be an inspiring actress, model, and singer. Why? I’ll give you three reasons. One, because I love to dance, act, and sing. Second of all, people say I’m really good at those three particular things. Lastly, I want to become a famous one day so I can be rich, and so I can be on TV.

First of all, I will tell you why I want to tell why I want to become an actress. I really love to act. Also, my friends say I’m a good actor. I remember one day my friends came into breakfast, and they saw me crying. I wanted to fool them so I said that I had a serious disease, and I was going pass away in one week. They were all depressed. That’s when, I couldn’t hold the laughter in, and I busted out laughing. They were kind of mad because I tricked them, but they laughed along.

Secondly, I will tell you why I want to be a model. Every time I walk down the street, people always give compliments. They either say “you’re are a beautiful girl” or “you should be a model”. Also, I am tall with long legs. In my free time, I pretend I’m a model. I dress in my older sisters flashy outfits and act like I’m in a show. It’s hilarious because I always trip in their high heels.

Finally, I will tell you why I want to be a dancer. One, I dance really well. My best friend Mya always teaches me a lot of the new dance moves, but then I put my own little twist in it. Also, anywhere I am I will start dancing for no particular reason. It’s a habit. Another reason I just love to dance; it’s what I do. It tells people about my personality. I’ve been dancing since I was in my mom’s stomach.

Now you know why I want to be a singer, dancer, and actress. If you don’t remember, let me summarize for you. First, is because I love to do all those three things. Second is because people say I’m really good. Lastly, is because I want to become famous in those things so people can know me and admire me. Also, so I can make a lot of money! Now since I told you my careers, what are yours and why?

By L. J., a middle school student

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