Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This is some advice for Middle School Students.

This is some advice for Middle School Students. Don’t get in trouble and get good grades.

These are some subjects. My favorite subject is Math. I love Math because my Math teacher is cool and I like to do division and other things. Math has been my favorite subject since first grade.

My second best subject is Social Studies. It is fun because you can do experiments that are cool. Social Studies is very easy except for the tests. We read and do vocabulary. Some tests are easy because it is open book sometimes.

In Middle School you can play sports. The sports are, Optimist Basketball and Optimist Volleyball. Optimist sports are good because you stay out of trouble when you’re playing. When Optimist Basketball came, I stopped getting in trouble because of it.

These are some tips I have for Middle School Students.

By: D.J., a middle school student

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