Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The reason why I am here is to tell you my favorite thing to do

The reason why I am here is to tell you my favorite thing to do and one of them is to hang out with all of my friends. The second one is to hang out with my family. The third one is being at the mall and shopping with my friends and family.

I really like hanging out with my friend and spending time with them. I love all my friends even if they are mad at me or some thing. But you should always be there for your friends when they have your back you need to have their’s, and it’s good hanging out with your friends because they encourage you to do good things, but not all friends are like that some just might be using you just to get some thing or some one from you. But you should know when you have a friend like that, not all friends could be trusted but you should know if you could trust your friend.

The second thing I like to do is being with my whole family because not all people have a chance to be with there family. I feel bad for the people that don’t have a family to see every day or year. Because something might of happened to them or they live far far away but being with your family is a good thing and doesn’t matter if they are boring they are the most important in your life. Having a family is good to see every day or year because of the other people in the whole world don’t get to see none of there relatives.

The third things I like to do is going to the mall and go shopping with all my friends. I love shopping at the mall with my friends getting new stuff and looking good that’s the second most important in a girls life.

By a middle school student

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