Thursday, March 22, 2007

Everyone in the world looks up to at least one person.

Everyone in the world looks up to at least one person. I look up to more than one, but someone that has a big influence on me is Mr. Simmons. Mr. Simmons is a great authority figure. He makes me laugh, always hears my side of the story, and everyone I know respects him, Mr. Simmons makes me laugh. Saying that’s an understatement, really. He has a brilliant mind, and he uses it to make jokes.

Even in the toughest situation, Mr. Simmons has helped me get through by simply making one comment. Before he left Oakridge, I looked forward to hearing his jokes everyday, whether I was in his office, in the courtyard, watching the morning news, or even passing by him in the hallway, he was there saying something funny. Secondly, Mr. Simmons is the fairest dean I’ve ever met in my life. No matter what, he’d always hear me out. He wouldn’t make any final decisions until he heard my side of the story and to me that’s one of the most important things a dean can do.

Fairness is a very good quality to have, no matter who you are. Lastly, everyone respects Mr. Simmons he doesn’t let middle schoolers push him around like some other dean do. He demands respect, and that’s why he gets it. Even when there are about 300 teenagers in the cafeteria, ho doesn’t give in until every single mouth in that cafeteria is quiet. Even people who don’t like Mr. Simmons respect him. I think part of the reason he gets so much respect is because he gives so many other people respect.

All in all Mr. Simmons is a great guy all around. I’ve known him for 3 years, and I give him full credit for helping me survive my middle school years. I refer to him as my “best friend”, but he’s more than that because he has taught me so much. He makes me laugh, hears my side of the story, and is respected by one and all. I seriously love that guy because he’s so great to everyone.

By: M.W. a middle school student

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