Thursday, February 15, 2007

The World Would Be a Better Place If

The world would be a better place if I could change one thing. If I could change it, that one thing will be the violence. Violence has most things including drugs, gangs, and guns. If we didn’t have violence in this would, the world would almost be perfect.

First of all, the first reason I will change violence will be drugs. I will change this because kids of my age and higher do drugs. Drugs are bad for young kids and teens because doing drugs would shorten your life up and make you do stupid stuff. This stupid stuff includes killing people, have an accident, or house or car jacking. This first reason would change the world.

Second of all, the second reason I will change violence will be gangs. I will change this because kids, teen, and even adults of any age get into gangs. Being in a gang would cause you to die, go to jail, or get into big fights that include sticks, rocks, or guns. By getting into gangs you can get sent to the hospital by getting injured badly.

Last of all, the third reason I will change violence will be guns. I will change this because kids and teens take guns to school and end up getting into big trouble like shooting someone or kill someone. By getting into trouble you can get locked up, and by killing someone, you can get locked up for life or end up getting killed by the police.

Violence is important to watch out for in this world. Violence would include the gangs, drugs, and even guns. Never end up in gangs, carrying guns, or doing drugs. If you get caught by the cops, you will get locked up. Most of people won’t like that and so you wouldn’t too.

By J. S., a middle school student

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