Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Essay Is on What Was the Best Gift I Ever Received

My essay is on what was the best gift I ever received, who gave it to me, and why was it so special. Love is the best gift I ever got. I got it from family, a foster family, and my friends.

My family loves me. They show me love like everyday just by talking to me. My mom shows me love by calling me, and my brother. My dad shows me love by having to put up with me. My grandma shows me love just because she loves me, and she always wants me and my brother to visit. My brother loves me because without him having me and me having him, we would be bored just about all the time.

My foster family showed me love by taking me in in my time of need when I got kicked out of a boy’s home and no one else would take me. Plus they put me with them for two years, and I always misbehaved until I saw the love, and I started caring for them like they were my real family.

My friends show me love by just being there when I am in need. They help me out of the ditch and back on my feet. Plus it is like I always say, “Sometimes you need a little tug from your family or friends, and you’ll be back on your way.” I’ve always had friends especially this one boy from 4th grade my home boy D. We have had each others back even in the worst of times. Plus you have to have friends. If you don’t have friends, how will you feel somewhat loved?

I came to the conclusion that to be loved, you have to get loved. That is why love your family and friends and foster parents, if you need too. Plus without love, you’ll grow up alone and die alone. This is the reason I’m so happy all the time because I’m loved by family, friends, and foster parents.

By C. W., a high school student

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