Saturday, February 10, 2007

If I Were a Parent

If I were a parent, what I would do differently is I would spend more time with my kids, I would be more lenient, and I would be more understanding.

As I have said, one thing I would do is to spend more family time. This includes a few weeks of vacation and some fun time with my kids. That could be going to a game or just hanging around. A key part of a family is having fun and spending time together. I would increase the amount of both for my family.

The second thing I would do is to be more lenient. This means that I would not ground my kids for everything. It also means they could go outside and have more privileges more often.

The third part of this is I would be more understanding. I would talk to my kids and let them talk to me more. I wouldn't get mad at them, and I would give good advice.

In conclusion, these three things are the three things I would do if I was to increase things with my family.

By B. W., a middle school student

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