Saturday, February 10, 2007

When I Have a Kid

Well, if I had a kid, I would treat him very well, and if he would cry or if he would want something, I would be right by his side. See if I was in middle school, it would not matter one bit at all.

When people have kids at an early age most of the time you would not know what to do. That is why when you are about 19, that is the age to have a kid. Because when you have a kid, you will have to have your own place for you and your baby to stay.

See, when I have a kid, I will be about 22 years old when I want to bring a girl or boy in to this world. So when I have a kid at 22, I will know what to do in life. So when the baby cries, I will know what to do. But when I have a kid, I will be smart, and I will give everything to my kid.

By K. M., a middle school student

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