Monday, February 12, 2007

How to Be a Parent

It must be hard to be a parent. If you are a parent, what would you teach your kids? What would you say?

First, to start off with, I would teach my kids about school and tell them to get an education and how important it is, and how you can get any job you want with an education.

Secondly, I will teach him about drugs, how losers use drugs, how marijuana kills your brain cells, and it also kills you. I will make sure he understands the effects on your body.

Third, I will preach to him the word of god. He will believe in Jesus Christ, and that is it. He will be and learn how Christians are and get baptized.

Last, I will teach him how to get the girl he likes. I will demonstrate, and then let him try. I will tell him everything he should and shouldn’t do to a girl like not hit her. He will learn how to fight to protect his girl. No one will mess with him. Those are the four things I will teach my kid when he grows up.

By a middle school student

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