Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Heart Has Three Special Rooms

My heart has a blueprint with many rooms in it. In my heart I have a lot of rooms, but three of them are special to me. My first room is my mom. My second room is my dad, and my third room is grandpa. These are three rooms, and everything in them is very special to me.

To start with, my first room is my mom and her memories with me. When I use to be smaller, she always use to take me everywhere and use to buy me everything I wanted. But now that I have grown, she thinks that I can take care of myself, and that I can make my own money to buy my own stuff. Even though she thinks that she is still caring for me, and she is buying less stuff not like she used to buy me.

Second of all, my second room is my dad and our memories. When my dad use to live with me and my mom, he use to love everyone in the family including my two brothers and sisters. When he use to live with us, he loved us all the same and use to care even more about us than how my mom did. Even though I am bigger, he use to buy me and my brothers and sisters everything we wanted. Now that he doesn’t live with us, we still love him, and we will always continue to love him.

Finally, the last and third special room is my grandpa and our memory of fishing. My grandpa is a very important person in our family. He is important because he helps take care of our whole family, but before this happened, he and I used to go fishing. We use to go fishing every week or two. When we use to fish, we fished in the nice warm mornings. Now he works everyday even in the weekends; he won’t stop working just to take care of his family. Even though he works, he tries to get days off of work just so he can go fishing with me. Now he goes fishing once in a while with me.

Now I have explained all three people I love. There three people are so special in my family.

By J. D. S., a middle school student

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