Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Challenges I Faced

Well, when I moved, I had to change my school, I had to change my football team, and I had to get all new friends. I did not want to move at all. But I had to so we went to New York.

When I went to New York, I did not know were anything was. The first day I went to school I wanted to play for the Hogs. At first I did not like the Hogs one bit at all. But two months later I was a linebacker. I loved it so much that my family wanted to stay in New York for three years. I started to get used to everything.

Now about school. When I went to school at Napa Middle School, I did not know anybody when I went there. I did not like that school at all. But then when I met this girl Kelly, I liked her very much, and she also liked me very much. She helped me meet many, many people. I like Napa Middle School very much now that I know many people. So now when you go somewhere new, talk to people and do things that you really wanted to do at your old or new school.

By K. M., a middle school student

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