Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Best Gift I Ever Received Was a Red Power Rangers Transformer Car

The best gift I ever received was a red Power Rangers Transformer car. My father gave it to me and that’s why it is so special. My father means a great deal to me and giving me that gift made me feel special inside. In addition, when I was a young kid, I wasn’t as fortunate as some people. My parents didn’t live in a big house. We lived in a duplex in the smallest towns in the state. Life was tough in my neighborhood. That car was the only thing that my Dad gave me when he passed away. Another reason I like the car is that it was the hottest thing on the street, and everyone wanted it. I felt so special when I was the center of attention. My player stats went through the roof. The ladies loved it.

By J.T., a high school student

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