Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why It Is Hard to Be a Parent

Yes, it is difficult to be a parent no matter what anyone says. Kids get in trouble, they give advice, and they tell you things they have done. It is nice to have a child though.

The first reason I said it is difficult to be a parent is because your kids get in trouble. When your kids get in trouble, a dean or principal calls and tells parents what they did and what their punishment is. Then your mom will get stressed out because she heard you got in trouble and that is not good. Also she has to face the consequences along with you. She has to wake up earlier and help you and also drive you early to detention or assist (in school suspension).

The second reason I said it is hard to be a parent is because you have to deal with your kids giving you advice. When kids give you advise when you are doing something, it is very annoying. Also like when you are driving in a car and you say, " Oh no, I don't know where I am going," and the kids say look at the map and you don't have one, you get annoyed because they don't know what they are talking about.

The third reason I said it was difficult to be a parent is because after they do something bad, they confess to you. It bad when they confess to you because they do some pretty bad things that they could even get arrested for. So then you get stressed out and your day does not go very good.

These are the reasons why it is hard to be a parent. Kids get in trouble. They give you advice, and, last but not least, they tell you things that they have done in the past. This is my story.

By N. H., a middle school student

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