Monday, February 12, 2007

Being a Parent Is Hard

Being a parent is probably hard. I wouldn’t know because I am not one. Parents have to go through a lot of troubles for their kids. They have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed the babies. They have to give them money a lot, and the kids have to learn good discipline.

When parents have a baby, they have to go through great difficullities. It is hard to wake up at midnight or 1 am or 2 am and sometimes even 3 or 4 am to see what is wrong with the baby. The parents also have to know what to buy for the baby to keep it happy.

When your children get older, they will expect allowances. I don’t have to do any thing for my allowance. I get 60 dollars a week and money during the week when I ask for it. But if I have kids, that doesn’t mean they will get the same from me. I will give them 40 dollars a week for cleaning their rooms and only 10 extra dollars for doing the work.

Parents have to be able to discipline their child. I don’t get punished when I get in trouble. My aunt and uncle just tell me that I have to straighten up. It is pretty cool. But I will ground my kids for anything they do wrong.

That is about all I know about discipline, allowances, and stress. All in saying is that you should think twice before having children. Having children is not going to be an easy ride. They have lots of things to do for your children and they will cost a lot, but it is worth it.

By B. P., a middle school student

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