Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Teachers Who Help Me

In my middle school I have a lot of teachers trying to help, but I don’t pay attention to what they try to help me with. But lately I have been paying attention.

My first example is Mr. W. He is my science teacher. He helps me by relating the science subject to his life. He has a good way. Students want to learn.

My second example is Mrs. J. She is my social studies teacher. She helps me by making me write more that the other students, so I can remember all the stuff I learned and for my handwriting.

My third example is my truant officer. He helps me by telling me over and over I can’t miss school.

My fourth example is Mr. K.and Mrs. G. They help me by giving me my conscience. The have not expelled me. I am very thankful and respectful.

In conclusion, all these teachers I picked are the ones that help me get by in school, and I am thankful for teachers today.

By D. M., a middle school student

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