Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Have You Ever Transferred Schools?

Have you ever transferred schools? If you have, how did you feel? Did the school help out on your first week? Well, how would you do to help a new student?

First of all, once a new student got transferred to my school and didn’t know her way around. So I gave her a tour around the school. Also I told her the rules and expectations. Another thing I did was show her the cafeteria and told her what the usual food is in each line. I felt really good about helping a person in need.

Next, when I got done showing her the school, I showed her some of my friends. I showed her my friends because if she had a class with one of them then she knew somebody that she can ask for help. Another reason why is because she can have some friends of her own and doesn’t have to be alone and so she could be introduced to more people and more people and she can have more friends. Last, I would stay by her side so she doesn’t get lost, and also for her to feel more welcomed and relaxed. Another thing that I would do is keep her away of all of the people that would get her in trouble.

Last but not least, showing her the school, introducing her to good people, and telling her who is bad news is how I would help a new student.

By N. M., a middle school student

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