Sunday, February 25, 2007

What Was Your Perfect Day With Your Family?

What was your perfect day with your family? Mine was Christmas 2 years ago! First we all woke up at 6:00 am. Then we cooked breakfast and ate. Also, my sister arrived unexpectedly. Last, we all opened present. That was the perfect day with my family!

First we all woke up at 6:00 am. When we woke up, we took pictures of the presents sitting under the tree. Then, we took pictures of each other, then all together. Last, we all went outside to watch the sun rise. It was the best morning ever!

After the sun rose, we cooked and ate breakfast. We started out cooking some bacon and eggs, but then my brother and I wanted some biscuits and gravy. So we cooked that, but then my dad wanted ham like he always wants. So we cooked bacon, eggs biscuits and gravy, ham and then pancakes, because my other brother just had to have them. The kitchen was a mess!

Then when we were done with breakfast, we opened presents. It was hard because all the presents took up all the space in the living room where we had the tree. Each of us got over $800.00 worth of stuff, and there were 5 of us. I got an ipod that got ran over by my brother's dirt bike. My brother got a PS2 along with a video game chair, and a lot of other $50.00 or less games, and toys. And my other brother got a dirt bike. Man, it was a good Christmas

After opening presents, fast, my sister Stephanie arrived without telling us she was coming… except my dad. Obviously they had made plains to surprise us on Christmas day by bringing gifts, her boy friend, and my niece Maddy. But we surprised them because they had no gifts, and my mom didn’t let them stay with us because then they would have had to sleep in the living room. Although they didn’t get presents, we took them out to dinner, and we spent over $100.00. I thought we were going to be broke after Christmas.

To wrap things up, the best time I ever had with my family was Christmas 2 years ago. We woke up at 6:00 am. Then we ate breakfast. After that, my sister came unexpectedly. Last, we opened presents. That was my best day with my family.

By A. M., a middle school student

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