Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Heart Has Three Rooms

If my heart was like a house and had three rooms, I would have a room for people I truly care for and for things I care about. Keep reading to find out who and what is in my rooms.

First of all, the first room would go to my mom. The first room is also going to be the biggest room out of all of them. My mom has room number one because she is always there for me and supports me. My mom was there when I was sick, and when I am healthy. My mother is supporting to me because one time I had a basketball game during her work hour, but my mom cares so much that she asked to start late that night. That is how much she cares and supports me.

Next, the second room would go to my best friend Marie. It goes to her because she is a very trustworthy person. I told Marie so many things that her head is going to explode with secrets. Marie is also loyal. She is not like other people, when you say something like to meet her or there, or call you, when and she says ok, she will. Some people say yes, they will, but don’t show up or don’t call. That is why she is my best friend, and she has a room in my heart.

Finally, my last room in my heart would go to my love of basketball. My love for basket ball has a room in my heart because I have been playing basketball since I was small, and someday I am going to the WNBA.

By N. M., a middle school student

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