Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Family Events

One of my family events is Thanksgiving. We get together and talk and eat. We eat turkey, corn, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and collar greens. We try as much as possible to get the family together for all the family events and family reunions.

The second family event is Halloween. Halloween is the a family go out together. We dress up in costumes and get ready to have some fun. Some Halloweens I stay at home and give away candy. After a while I go out scaring people with my cousins and uncles.

The third family event is Christmas. That is the time when every body is happy. Most of the family is at the Christmas part all day. First we sing songs and take pictures. After that we open presents and get ready for the big dinner. We eat turkey, ham, collar greens, home made Mac and cheese, corn, mashed potatoes, and chicken.

The forth family event is our family reunion. Every body that could make it came. We had it in PORT HURON, MI on 14th and Beard. It takes up about seven or eight blocks. We have lots of activates and games and other stuff to do .

By D. M., a middle school student

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