Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Have Three Rooms in my Heart

The three rooms in my heart are for three very special people. I know that they will always be there for me. One of these people I never met, but that person still gets a room in my heart.

First, I have my mom who has taken care of me. My mom and I have been through a lot together like three husbands, tough times, financial troubles, etc. My mom is always there for me. If I could give her everything in the world, she would get it because she deserves it. My mom will always be special to me, and I will always love her. I cherish my mother and care about her too. I will always love her. She gets a room, no questions asked.

Secondly, I have my little brother, who is four years old. He is always fun to play with,; he cheers me up during hard times. I love him very much, and he loves me too. If I could, I would hang out with him more. I love him very much, and he deserves a place in my heart.

Finally, I have my biological father. I have seen him before, but I still love him. I am pretty sure he loves me to. My dad has never been there for me, but I am sure he would be there if he could. I don’t care about the bad things about him. I still want to know him. I love him, and he also gets a room in my heart.

These people are the ones who occupy all the rooms in my heart, and when they die, they will live on in my heart. I love these people very much. I cherish them very much.

By a middle school student

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