Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Sweet 16

Sweet 16 is like you can have all of the people and your mom and dad family and like you stand with some boy that you like, and you can have a girl stand in it to. It is like a big thing you can do. It is just like spending time with your mom’s side and your dad’s side of the family. You can hire people that you now so they can take care of the place. This is hard to describe it, but when you go to one, it is funny, and you would like to dance it is so much fun if you are in it. If you never been to a sweet 16, you will freak out at the people. You can have it in something big because you have to have a lot of people there and that is what you call a sweet 16 or a quinicenra. It is that same thing, but if you want, you can have it on the 15th or 16th birthday, what ever you want.

You can be on TV at your party if they like it, and you can have a limo and invite your friends and have a special driver. You can have your dad drive if you want. You can have cards to pass out to go to your quince or sweet 16.

By P.H., a middle school student

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