Thursday, February 15, 2007

If Global Warming Doesn't Stop

Every day plants, animals, and humans die because of “Global Warming.” If global warming doesn’t stop, than everyone and thing will be extinct from the face of the earth. I know I would like to live long, wouldn’t you?

First of all, how are we going to live if every day because of cars, factories, and etc. we breathe in pollution. Pollution damages our lungs and organ system. Without our lungs how can we breathe? So for you see why it is bad to breathe in pollution. You know without global warming, we wouldn’t have to worry about that. One thing they can do is use something else instead of gas in cars and factories because that is what causes pollution.

Next of all, animals and plants die. Animals die because of lack of food sometimes. Sea animals eat animals that eat animals that eat plants. Also humans eat animals. But with global warming plants die and that makes animals die. So that is another good reason to stop global warming.

By N. M., a middle school student

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