Thursday, February 22, 2007

Everyone Has Experienced Anger Before

Everyone has experienced anger before. Some have rather different ways to deal with anger. Some wreck stuff, cut themselves, beat their dog. I sometimes listen to the sickest music I know, that’s pretty sick ha-ha. There are also a lot nicer ways to deal with anger for instance hang out with your friends and bash mailboxes, just kidding, you can also try to make the best of it and control instead of lashing out at everyone and just talk to someone.

Know there are two types of people explosive and implosive people. Now explosive people let there anger out right away, girls like to scream, boys like to fight. I’m sure you can picture the explosive people are the people you see screaming at the casher for not taking his check implosive people is the casher who gets fed up with angry customers and remain quiet day after day and finally shoots everyone in the store.

I would say it would be better to be explosive than implosive because implosive people hold in so much anger that they can’t control themselves. Now either implosive or explosive you can still handle the situation better because there’s always another way without violence. For instance instead of fighting you can talk to someone. If you are implosive, I suggest no angry music, no cutting or angry videos, maybe even go to see a shrink or join anger management, ha-ha just kidding. Just talk to someone you trust to help you deal with your anger.

By D. P., a middle school student

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