Thursday, February 22, 2007

There Are Many Ways to Deal With Anger

There are many ways to deal with anger. Some are good and some are bad, but we all sometimes try to do the right thing. My ways to deal with anger change at times because when you’re angry, you don’t care what’s going to happen. You just do what you do and forget everything. Unlike some other people who actually think about it first. I do many things, and the among the things I’ve noticed that I’ve done is that I sometimes let it all out, I scream, I tell someone most of the time, I fight, I get an attitude not only with my parents but with anyone who gets in my way, I hold it in and let it out later when it’s the right time, many times I just stay calm, and many times I also act cool and I try to pretend like nothing has happened. But many times I can’t control myself.

I think that when we are angry, we should stop and think about what the situation is and what to do to not make it bigger. Many times the situation becomes worse because we do not think before we act. When I let it all out, sometimes the person I’m fighting with gets insulted on something I say and the situation becomes worse. They start in my face and in my face and that is something I don’t like. But that’s some of the times when I try to keep my cool and not fight. I think that is a positive way to re-act.

Also another thing I do is that I tell someone, like my dad or my mom or my best friend and I just chill out for a while and then continue it the next day or just wait and see what happens. There were two times when I threw punches and it didn’t go so well after that. So I’ve learned to keep my cool for as long as possible.

Sometimes I also think about it, but then it grows, and I start to get more problems from that one little insult that someone said to me. And then I go off, and then they do the same thing I do and keep calm, and I get up in their face and space, and then I get annoying and more annoying screaming and spitting because I am so close to your space. And then you can’t hold it in any longer. You start throwing things, and then you get in trouble. But the best way to handle a problem is not only not starting one or just people reacting the same way and wanting to work the problem out. That is also, of course, a very positive way to handle a problem. But then again I don’t know if I do that many times when I have a problem.

In conclusion, among the things that I do when I get angry is may times hold it in, or many times I scream, sometimes I tell my mom my dad or my best friend, I get an attitude with people, I hold it in and let it out later when the time is appropriate, or the best way to handle a problem, just be cool about it and discuss it with the person later. But one thing I got to remember to do is think before I act.

By I. S., a middle school student

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