Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Person Who Is a Hero to Me Is My Mom

The person who is a hero to me is my mom because I love her a lot. She is everything to me, my friend, my sister, and my aunt. There are three reasons why she is a hero: she takes care of me, she helps me a lot, and she lets me learn more than other parents do with their kids.

The first reason why my mom is a hero is because she takes care of me a lot. I have a roof over my head, and I get food every day. I love my mom because if it was not for her, I would be living in the street looking for money and everything. Some kids don't care about their mom, but I do a lot.

Second, she helps me a lot. If she never helped me out, I would be in jail right now. But my mom talks me into not getting into trouble. I wouldn't be here right now, I would be in jail, but my mom told me not to do what I was going to do, so I didn't, and I am happy I didn't.

Next she lets me learn in school. She helps me do my work that I bring home from school. My mom loves me so much she lets me go to school. I was going to drop out, but my mom told me you shouldn't drop out that it would mess you up really bad if you want to get your diploma or a good job. Because I want to be a nurse, I have to graduate from school to get that job.

Finally, my hero is my mom. I love her because she does a lot of stuff for me. She takes care of me, she helps me a lot, and she let me learn more than other parents do.

By T. C., a high school student

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