Friday, January 26, 2007

Why Do I Get Stressed

Three things cause me stress: problems with school stuff, friend problems, and parent problems. I am stressed when I get too much homework and teachers yell at me too much. I get really mad and stressed out because all of these things in school.
I am stressed with friend problems that come between us. We yell at one another and then they say they are going to spread rumors to people that I did something with someone or tell people that I am a back stabber and not a very good friend. This gets me very stressed.
I also get stressed out when I get home. More people yell at me at home - my mom, step dad, my older brother, and my little sister. I get crazy when I get there. I feel like making a tornado come in to my room and helping me destroy everything. This is how I get stressed very quickly, and I need someone who understands what I mean.
By J.B., a middle school student

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