Sunday, January 28, 2007

How I Can Improve Myself as a Student

Everybody has good and bad habits, and they need to develop better habits than bad habits. People don't know how to pass into the next grade because of habits. So more people should learn how to change the bad habits into something more like always wanting to read. Learning how to pay attention and jot down important notes that the teachers say and try to teach you is important. If you just jot down notes, then maybe if a test comes around, your teacher might say open notes test or you could study which will help you pass. Mainly female teens have terrible attitudes. I now have this bad attitude, and I have learned that you can fail with this attitude. I know this because I am fourteen years old and in the seventh grade, and it is not fun. You will fail with an attitude because with an attitude you will get into trouble. When you are in trouble, you miss out on your work and your friends. Kids that go out looking for trouble are not going to have a big life with a lot of money and a nice dream job. Because without good grades you won't be able to go to a normal college. So if you are looking for trouble, you might not care now, but in the future, you will care. Reading books and doing sports are really good by helping you get good grades. Sports will make you very healthy, and sports will make you want to do more work and want to get good grades. It is your future and your children's future. You must make the right choice.
By M. J., a middle school student

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