Monday, January 29, 2007

How I Handle Stress

Every one becomes stressed or angry at sometime. But you do not have to get mad and hit somebody. That would just make problems even worse. Everybody has to learn to ignore when they get stressed or angry. If you can’t ignore someone, all you have to do is walk away. Most of the time it always works. Now different people have different ways of handling stress. The way I do it is I count to ten. If I am still stressed, then I will just walk away. Once and awhile some people get real angry. Then they flip out and hit someone. Now that is how people get hurt. I hate it when people take their stress or anger out on other people. That is why people end up in hospitals with broken bones or fractured bones. All because someone couldn’t handle their anger. That is how teenagers end up in jail or a program. Once in awhile I would get mad or stressed and hit someone. It wasn’t really a good idea. I figured that out after I got angry.
By D. S., a middle school student

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