Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Worst Day

It was probably one of my craziest days, and every thing was going wrong. First, I got into to a fight at school. Then I got kicked out of school. Then on the way home my chain popped and my tire popped, too. So now here is the story of my worst day.
First thing I did was wake up to get ready for school. I went to take a shower, and my brothers and sister used all the hot water. So I had to take a cold shower. The I left for school. I was about two blocks away from school, then I crashed. It was crazy. I flipped over my handle bars. Then my shirt got all dirty. So luckily I had a shirt under my other one. Well, then I got to school. Everybody kept messing with me. Then I got in a fight, and I got kicked out of school.
The on the way home I was riding my bike and then I fell off. My chain and my tire popped right then. That is when I knew this was my worst day ever.

By D. S., a middle school student

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