Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Best Friend

My best friend is Braden Lee Macradle. We have been best friends since 4th grade. Some things we like to do together are go out to eat at Dairy Queen or at the mall. The reason he is my best friend is because he is always there for me when I am feeling down. We provide each other with money in the mall. On my 10th birthday he bought me a PS2 and a pair of Air Force 1 sneakers. I remember one time in 6th grade when we won playing basketball. We parted in the middle of 6th grade because he had to go to Phoenix, the program in Naples, because he brought an air soft gun to school. I transferred to East Naples, and there we reunited. Now we have each other’s backs. We hang out, and we do the things we always use to do. That is why he is my best friend.
By K. C., a middle school student

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